The Many Uses Of Brown Paper Bag:
  • When starch builds up on your iron, cut a piece from a brown paper grocery bag and sprinkle it with salt.  Press the paper with the iron set on high heat (no steam).
  • Save yourself the trouble and discomfort that goes along with scraping snow and ice from your car's windshield.  When a snowstorm is predicted, turnon the wipers, then stop them in mid-sweep; turn off the ignition.  Split open a few paper grocery bags and secure them to the windshield using the wipers.  When the snowstorm is over, pull off the paper - and the snow - before you start the engine.

  • Compost heaps (as well as earthworms), welcome brown paper bags.  Shred and dampen the bags, then mix in well so pieces won't blow away when they dry.
  • Ripening fruits
  • Ripen avocados, tomatoes, bananas or peaches by sticking them inside of a brown paper bag.  Wrap green banans first in a damp dishtowel, then place in bag.

  • To store mushrooms: Stick mushrooms inside of a paper bag, and store them in the fridge to keep them fresh longer.

  • To keep onions on hand for two or three months without sprouting, remove them from their mesh or plastic sack and put them in a brown paper bag on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

  • Lettuce and cabbage stay crispier and fresher for much longer in the refrigerator if stored in clean dry paper bags instead of plastic bags or food containers.

  • Remove wax from tablecloths or carpets by placing an opened brown bag on the problem and moving a warm iron over the spot-quickly. Greasy spots will appear on the bag. Keep using a clean part of the paper bag over the spot, with the iron, until nothing appears.

  • To get that french fries taste like those fry shacks or corner chip wagons - dump freshly made deep-fried fries into brown paper bag with a bit of salt, give it a bit of shake and presto! You will get rid of some excess oil at the same time!

  • Cool cookies on brown paper bag.

  • Tie a large brown paper bag over the head of your dust mop to shake off the dirt and dust inside the house.

  • To make a book cover:

  • Cut and fold your way to a steady supply of brown paper envelopes – so much nicer than boring white: How To Make Envelopes

  • Relieve Hiccups by placing a paper bag over your nose and mouth, the carbon dioxide that you breathe out gets trapped in the bag.  Therefore, when you breathe in, you are actually taking in the carbon dioxide that you just exhaled. Since hiccups are a result of decreased carbon dioxide in the blood stream, breathing in the carbon dioxide in the bag helps to replenish your levels.

  • Retinal artery occlusion is caused by a blockage within the central artery of the retina or the smaller arteries that branch off. This blockage can result in a decrease of oxygen flow to the eye that can eventually lead to blindness. According to Harvard Medical School, breathing into a paper bag can increase carbon dioxide levels in the blood which actually dilates the retinal arteries; allowing precious oxygen to enter the eye.

Resource(s):  about.com/, chabad.org/, ehow.com/
Main-Photo credit:  dennajones


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