The Shower Cap..
Ah, the shower cap... yes, that funny looking plastic thingy you put over your head to prevent your hair from getting wet.  Who would have thought it had more uses than just that.  You can buy it for as little as a $1 or as much as $20 or more.. depending on the quality and style - but why would you care?  Some can be used over and over while others, (I would guess the dollar ones), are disposable.  Anyways, let's get on with it!

The Many Uses Of Shower Cap:

There's alot that can be used with a shower cap.  Even for a science project at school!

Protect shoes when you travel.

Hold rolled-up ties, belts and scarves that you want to keep separate inside your suitcase.

Store makeup or a toothbrush in your handbag.

One of my favourites...
Catch drips when watering indoor hanging plants.

Camera rain cover.
Turn your non-waterproof camera into a “waterproof “ camera by sticking it in a cap before taking shots by the pool or ocean

Cover kitchen bowls containing food before placing them in the refrigerator.

De-clog shower head. When trying to clean a clogged shower head, fill a shower cap with vinegar and water, securing over the shower head with rubber bands. After soaking over night, remove the shower cap and the shower head should be working properly.

Watermelon cover.  If saran wrap or plastic wrap is nowhere to be found but you have a clean shower cap kicking aroung - hey, use it!

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Cover shoes.  If you have friends over using your washroom and want to keep the mud and dirt off your carpets... a pair of shower caps will come in handy.  Keep some near the door and they can just slip them right on over their shoes to use as booties.

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Handy Snack Bowl. Great for little fingers and big - especially when there are no ziploc snack bags or paper bags around.  And at a dollar a piece (sometimes for a pack of twelve at my dollar store here in Canada), you can afford to toss them out when done!

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Keep your “stuff” dust-free, like a cap over your stand mixer in the pantry or a cap over your purse in the closet. You can poke a clothes hanger through the cap to use as a shoulder dust guard for fancy dresses and suits.

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Dog Bowl.  When you're out for a jog with your dog then you stop for a drink...

And after your dog's done drinking and doing his business, you can always use it for..

A Barf Bag.  Won't this shower cap come in handy when least expected!

Paint Texture Sponge.  If you love doing all that 'artisticy' stuff without spending a bundle.

And last but not least....

An Emergency Fish Bowl!  You just never know when you'll need one.

How It's Made

Many are produced by joining two layers of fabric together in order to make the shower cap not only waterproof but aesthetic also. However, simpler ones are purely made from one layer of a waterproof material, often plastic. They all contain an elastic band to contain the user's hair.

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Main-Photo credit:  gazaPax

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