And who would have thought bread tags had other uses than just closing the bread bag!  Well, just like everything else on here, there are many uses of bread tags.
Canadian milk bag
with plastic tag (bread tag) closure

bread tag is a device used to close plastic bags (such as the ones sliced bread is commonly packaged in).  They are also commonly called bread clips, bread tabs, bread ties, bread crimps, bread-bag clips, or (somewhat less commonly) bread climps.  By sealing a bag more securely than tying or folding over its open end, the clip or tie may preserve its contents longer.  In some cases, the color of the tag indicates the day on which it was baked.

Most designs of bread clip consist of a single plastic part through which the neck of a plastic bag can be threaded. Because these bread clips, or bread tabs, are cheap, ubiquitous, and come in a variety of shapes and colors, some people collect them.

In Canada, milk is often sold by the bag; the most common format is 4 liters: three 1.33-litre sealed bags packaged in a surrounding bag. This larger bag is closed by a clip identical to a bread clip, and imprinted with the milk's expected expiration date.

Kwik Lok Corp.

The Many Uses Of Bread Tags:
Some uses
  • Use bread tags to organize and tag your unmarked keys.
  • Printing your guests’ names on bread tags as wine glass charms.
  • Use bread tags to organize your cords and keep them tangle free.  All those millions of wires going in and out of your pc, modem, router - will now be easier to identify!
  • Keep your socks together in the wash with these nifty little tags.
  • For the musicians out there, bread tags make for very retro guitar picks.
  • Decorate your bread tags and use them as book marks.
  • Use them to seal plastic bags of food that you are freezing.
  • Bread tags are a wonderful and effective way at keeping rubber bands clipped together – much better than putting them in a ball where they lose their elasticity and become a mission to get loose!
  • Dry pantyhose, stockings, hose, etc on a thin wire coat hanger. Simply attach them to the hanger with old bread bag clips.
  • Spray paint these silver, gold, or green and use to hang Christmas tree lights.
  • Bread tags are a great way to replace lost pieces on board games.
  • Keep some bread tags on your desk and use it to mark the end of your tape rolls – not more trying to find the end anymore!
  • Bread tag Art
  • Crafters can use bread tags to wind spare threads and yarns on and knitters can use them to hold or mark their place.
  • Artists can use them to make one-of-a-kind art work as seen on your left and even jewelry!

Bonus Tidbits
  • The bread clip was invented by Floyd G. Paxton and manufactured by the Kwik Lok Corporation based in Yakima, Washington with manufacturing plants in Yakima and New Haven, Indiana.  As far as Kwik Lok is concerned, both their corporation and the bread clips they make share the same name.
  • Floyd Paxton was known for repeatedly telling the story about how he came up with the idea of the bread clip. As he told it, he was on an airliner and opened a bag of peanuts and then realized he had no way to close up the bag. He rummaged through his wallet and found an expired credit card and hand-carved his first bag clip with his small pen knife. Of course, this was many decades ago when one could carry a pen knife onto an airplane. When a fruit packer, Pacific Fruit, wanted to replace rubber bands with a better bag closure for its new plastic bags, Paxton remembered his bag of peanuts. He hand-whittled another clip from a small sheet of Plexiglas. With an order in hand for a million clips, Paxton designed a die-cut machine to produce the clips at high speed.
  • Despite repeated attempts, Paxton never won a U.S. Patent for his clips. He did win numerous patents for the high-speed "bag closing apparatus" that made the clips, inserted bread into bags and applied the clips for the finished product.
  • Bread tags for automatic
     packaging machines
    Some bread tags are colour coded according to day:
Monday - Blue
Tuesday - Green
Thursday - Red
Friday - White
Saturday - Yellow

Making it easier not only for us to know which bread is the freshest, but also for the stockperson at the grocery stores re-stocking the shelves.
  • Most designs of bread clip consist of a single plastic part through which the neck of a plastic bag can be threaded. Because these bread clips, or bread tabs, are cheap, and come in a variety of shapes and colors, some people collect them.
Halloween Monster bread tags

  • Besides the USA, Kwik Lok has manufacturing plants in countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland and Japan.

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  1. I collect these bread clips. In Singapore there are 7 different colours: red, orange, yellow, beige, blue, green and white. I enjoyed reading your article and have got some ideas on how to reuse them.

  2. Thanks Anon! Glad you enjoyed the post! I collect the bread tags also :)